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Atchafalaya #212
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Sebooney Okasucca #303

Welcome, to Quinipissa Lodge.

Upcoming Events

  • "Indian Village" @ Scoutfest; October 3-5, Camp Avondale
  • Fall Fellowship/Clay Shoot; October 10-12, Camp Avondale
  • NLS; November 7-9th, Camp Beckwith Fairhope, AL
  • LEC Meeting; Nov 9th, 2pm Bass Pro Conference Room
  • LEC Meeting; Dec 14th, 2pm Bass Pro Conference Room
  • LEC Meeting; Jan 3, 2015, 4pm St. Luke's (just before banquet)
  • Lodge Banquet, Jan 3, 2015; 5 pm St. Luke's

The below patch set will be sold, this weekend October 4th at the Caddo House at Camp Avondale for $40.  There are only 100!

If you would like to pre-order an uncut, single patch please use this Order Form